Thursday, August 03, 2006

LANCE STAR - SKY RANGER ... Now Available from Wild Cat Books

LANCE STAR - SKY RANGER... In the summer of 1936, a new flying hero magazine was created called LANCE STAR – SKY RANGER. It was produced by the small time Canadian publisher, Dutton Press, out of Ontario. Managing Editor, Saul Kingman, wanted a title to compete with the flying titles that were popping up all over the U.S. He wanted a title that would join the ranks of such pulp heroes as G-8, DUSTY AYRES and BILL BARNES... Wild Cat Books is proud to announce the return of this classic pulp hero! This new collection of stories features pulse-pounding prose by Frank Dirscherl, Bobby Nash, Win Scott Eckert, and Bill Spangler and is produced by pulp fiction wordsmith Ron Fortier. Artwork by Rich Woodall... Stories include: "Attack Of The Bird Man", "Where The Sea Meets The Sky", "Shadows Over Kunlun", and "Talons Of The Red Condors"... plus the special feature article "Pulp Aviation Heroes and the Rise of the Model Aviation Press" by Larry Marshall...
152 pages, 6"x9" Trade Paperback... $15.00
Available at Wild Cat Books

My tale, "Shadows Over Kunlun," sends Lance and the boys on an expedition to Tibet in search of a lost World War One ace and a hidden power source that could change the course of history!

I hope you'll check out this first in a series of single-character pulp anthologies edited by Ron Fortier and published by Wild Cat Books.

Win Scott
The Wold Newton Universe

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