Thursday, November 30, 2006

Tales of the Shadowmen 3: Danse Macabre

... is now available!

Crossover stories featuring French, British, and American literature and pulp sources and characters:

Fantômas is dead, long live Fantômas! Doctor Omega and Captain Kronos challenge the might of the Vampire City! The Animalists overthrow Babar, King of the Elephants! King Kong falls in love for the first time! Hercule Poirot stalks a Murderer from Beyond! The Sûreté du Temps Perdu faces the Vampires and the Cat Women of the Moon invade the 20th Century–but which 20th Century? And also Fu-Manchu, Judex, Maciste, the Black Coats, Biggles, John Devil, Barbarella and many more! Welcome once again to our merry-go-round of heroes and villains of popular literature, the danse macabre of the Shadowmen.

Order it here!

Well-known Wold Newton writers Matthew Baugh, Rick Lai, Greg Gick, Bill Cunningham, Brad Mengel, and myself (I contribute a "Doc Ardan," aka Doc Savage tale), along with well-known writers such as Paul Di Filippo, John Peel, Brian Stableford, Chris Roberson, and Michael Moorcock(!!)... Don't miss it, order your copy today! ;-)


Anonymous said...

I ordered my copy today!
I can hardly wait to sink into the latest volume of what quickly became my favorite anthology series.

Win Scott Eckert said...

Fantasic, thanks for supporting the books!

Win Scott Eckert said...

It is now listed on Amazon.



Cunningham said...

Got it in the mail today. Thanks for sending it to me, Win.

Can't wait til next year!

Merry Christmas!


Unknown said...

Back at ya, Bill, Happy Holidays!