Friday, September 19, 2008

Dave Stevens on Philip José Farmer

Micah Harris provides this quote from the 6/21/91 issue of The Comics Buyer Guide, the special Rocketeer issue. In it, Dave Stevens said, "My intention with Cliff [The Rocketeer] was to root him in the real world, at the same time integrating the pulp world. Because for me, the pulp world is the real world of the 1930s. It's what we call B.S. history. It's taking elements from actual historical events and integrating fictional characters into that. Of everybody I've read, Philip José Farmer did that brilliantly. I've always been a real aficionado of that kind of thing. I'm not into trivia and things like that, but I appreciate the ascetic of breathing life into these fictional characters and trying to (integrate) them into nonfiction situations. To me that is just devilish fun."

As I said earlier this year, the late Dave Stevens was a major influence on my initial forays into using crossovers in Wold-Newtonry. So it makes a world of sense that he admired Phil Farmer.
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