Friday, October 24, 2008

Con update

Was on my first panel tonight, sat right next to Connie Willis; Tim Powers was one seat down. Daunting.

My reading was scheduled against the opening ceremonies. No one showed for the reading. Duh.

I was relieved.

Tomorrow is my Myths for the Modern Age/Wold Newton presentation and then I'm on a late night panel about writing sex in genre without it seeming like porn.

More on Sunday.

I picked up the SFBC editions of PJF's The Classic Philip José Farmer 1964-1973 and Down in the Black Gang, the first paperback of his Father to the Stars, the Fitzroy edition of Jules Verne's The Village in the Treetops, the first volume of James Blish's Star Trek adaptations (cover art by James Bama!), and the first book in a new series, Death of a Musketeer by Sarah D'Almeida, which is about the Three Musketeers as mystery-solvers.
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