Saturday, October 25, 2008

Con update

So I did the Myths for the Modern Age/Wold Newton presentation today as a "tight focus" 25 minute presentation. (Tight focus is 2 25 minute presentations on the hour, with a 10 minute break, followed by the next round.)

The audience was predictably small:
  • the writer who preceded me, Barb Nickless, who gave a very interesting presentation on cannibalism from a historical and anthropological perspective, and then discussed it in genre literature and films, etc.;
  • my better half;
  • a woman -- a female Wold Newton fan! -- who actually came to see the my presentation, and who apparently already had MYTHS and the first three volumes of Tales of the Shadowmen; she was very interested in Farmerphile and the two new PJF novels which have been discussed here previously (The Song of Kwasin and The Evil in Pemberley House); I wish I had been able to chat with her further, but she left as I was packing up, however I did have a chance to hand her a Farmerphile flyer;
  • another woman who came for the cannibalism presentation and ended up being interested enough to stick around for mine; handed out a Farmerphile flyer;
  • another woman who stayed for most of the presentation, and made a few good comments, but left about 5 minutes before it ended.
Given that so few female fans join the various online Wold Newton discussion groups and even fewer contribute essays and articles, I thought the makeup of today's audience was interesting.

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