Saturday, December 13, 2008

pic o' the day

Happy Wold Newton Day!


Sean Levin said...


Unknown said...

I spent Wold Newton day, appropriately, at the Science Fiction Museum in Seattle. Lots of WN stuff there - the Rocketeer costume from the movie, tons of Star Trek stuff, selections from 4e Ackerman's correspondence, etc. (Some of the original pulps that ERB's stuff appeared in as well.)
I was slightly taken aback when I realized that PJF wasn't in their Science Fiction Hall of Fame yet, but they show good judgement in their selections and I am certain that he will be in there soon.

Win Scott Eckert said...

I joined the Musuem last year specifiaclly so I could submit PJF to the Hall of Fame, but it didn't work, and I can't really affors to maintain the membership long-distance wih no chance to use it. :-(