Sunday, July 26, 2009

With Jane Austen and Sherlock Holmes....

.... Bath, 24 July 2009, and London, Baker Street, 25 July 2009.


Mark Hodder said...

Ha ha! You tourist! Bet you couldn't find Sexton Blake's house though! (it's very well disguised -- and he still lives there!)

I used to work just around the corner from the Holmes museum. I miss London! (Though Valencia is WAY more relaxed). Shame I'm not still there ... we could have hooked up for a pint of her Majesty's best, plus pie and mash.

Have fun!

All the best
Mark Hodder

Win Scott Eckert said...

Hi Mark!

I tried emailing you a few days before we arrived in Bath, but I don't think it went through -- sorry I missed you!

You're right about Blake's house, although I did find a few nifty '60s Blake paperbacks!

Off to see the actual Wold Newton meteor at the British Nat. Hist. Museum tomorrow.



Sean Levin said...

If I ever go to the U.K., both the S.H. Museum and the meteor will be must-sees. ;) Looks like you're having a blast, Win!