Thursday, October 29, 2009

Creative Mythographers on the Move

TALES OF THE SHADOWMEN, VOLUME 2: GENTLEMEN OF THE NIGHT edited by Jean-Marc and Randy Lofficier. Black Coat Press, 2006 .

More short stories inspired by French, American, and British pulp fiction. The stories take place in a fictional world where all of the characters and events from adventure literature actually exist in the same universe. Like the first volume, Tales of the Shadowmen 2: Gentlemen of the Night is chock full of Wold Newtonian and pulp fiction goodness. Stories feature Doc Ardan, Arsène Lupin, Fantômas, Harry Dickson, the Phantom of the Opera, Sherlock Holmes, Zenith the Albino, D'Artagnan, Doctor Omega (Doctor Who), Irene Adler, the Nyctalope, the Sâr Dubnotal, Judex, The Time Traveler, John Devil, Frankenstein, Countess Cagliostro, Rouletabille, the Moonstone, Joseph Jorkens, the Lovecraftian Mythos, and more.

Contributors include Kim Newman, Chris Roberson, Brian Stableford, John Peel, Jess Nevins, Bill Cunningham, Matthew Baugh, Win Scott Eckert, and many others.

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