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This month, Black Coat Press is launching an extensive program of translations of both classic and contemporary works of French science fiction and fantasy, spearheaded by award-winning writer and translator Brian Stableford, under the editorship of Jean-Marc and Randy Lofficier.

At the top of the list of titles to be released in 2010 are a five-volume series of works by Maurice Renard and a six-volume series of works by J.-H. Rosny Aîné, best known to English-speaking audiences for The Hands of Orlac and Quest for Fire, respectively. More classic works by André Couvreur, Henri Falk, Jules Lermina, Gustave Le Rouge, José Moselli, Han Ryner, and Jacques Spitz are currently in the planning stage.

Contemporary authors to be translated include Kurt Steiner (a.k.a. André Ruellan), G.-J. Arnaud, Richard Bessière, André Caroff and P.-J. Hérault. New editions of previously translated works by Gérard Klein and Michel Jeury are also planned.

In total, over two dozen new translations will be released during 2010, an unprecedented effort in the history of genre publishing.

Among the proto- and golden age French science fiction classics already released by Black Coat Press are such significant works as Félix Bodin’s The Novel of the Future (1834), Didier de Chousy’s Ignis (1883), C.I. Defontenay’s Star-Psi Cassiopeia (1854), Charles Derennes’ The People of the Pole (1907), Arthur Galopin’s Doctor Omega (1906), Octave Joncquel & Théo Varlet’s The Martian Epic (1921), Jean de La Hire’s Nyctalope novels (1911-21), Georges Le Faure & Henri de Graffigny’s The Extraordinary Adventures of a Russian Scientist across the Solar System (1888-96), Gustave Le Rouge’s The Vampires of Mars (1908), Jules Lermina’s Panic in Paris (1910), Henri de Parville’s An Inhabitant of the Planet Mars (1865), Gaston de Pawlowski’s Journey to the Land of the 4th Dimension (1912), Albert Robida’s The Adventures of Saturnin Farandoul (1879) and The Clock of the Centuries (1902), as well as two collections of Villiers de l’Isle-Adam stories, two collections of the pulp hero adventures of Sâr Dubnotal and Harry Dickson, and two anthologies of ground-breaking proto-SF stories by Brian Stableford.

Contemporary works include two collections by Jean-Claude Dunyach, The Night Orchid and The Thieves of Silence, a collection of stories by Jean-Marc & Randy Lofficier, Pacifica, Xavier Mauméjean’s award-winning novel The League of Heroes, and Philippe Ward’s contemporary horror thriller, Artahe.

Since its inception in the summer of 2003, Black Coat Press has been the foremost publisher of French science fiction and crime thrillers in the English-language.

A division of Hollywood, LLC, Black Coat Press, named after Paul Féval’s seminal 19th century crime thriller saga The Black Coats, which it publishes, is a Encino, CA-based small press publisher whose products are listed on the Bowker’s Books in Print â index and Publishers Authority Database. Its books are produced by Lightning Source, a subsidiary of Ingram Industries, Inc.

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Michael Brown said...


I thought they were always doing this?? :)

Christopher Paul Carey said...

I am super excited about the Rosny books announced. Been wanting to read these for a long time!

Duane Spurlock said...

Great news!

Has anyone ever published a collection of Albert Robida's art?