Sunday, April 18, 2010

Crossovers 1: A Secret Chronology of the World - May release

I'm pleased to announce that Black Coat Press has set the release date for Crossovers 1: A Secret Chronology of the World; the book will come out with a May publication date--although it may actually reach some early birds a few days before the first of May.

Crossovers 1 covers the Dawn of Time to 1939, and features an introduction by Kim Newman and an addendum covering television crossovers.

Crossovers 2
, scheduled for July release, covers 1940 to The Future, and will have an introduction by Jess Nevins and two addenda: one on alternate universe stories, and one covering Kim Newman's Anno Dracula series.

I'll post again as soon as
Crossovers 1 is available for order on both the Black Coat Press site and Amazon.

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