Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Moonstone Pulp: The Green Ghost!

It's not easy being Green...

No, not Moonstone Books' The Green Hornet Chronicles, which I am happily co-editing with Joe Gentile...

...But the Green Ghost! (Originally just called The Ghost in his initial pulp appearances...) That's right, kids, the Green Ghost is coming to comics and Moonstone's got him.

Before the war, when the GREEN GHOST-master magician and criminologist George Chance-ventured into the night, with his horrific skull-like appearance and his seemingly supernatural abilities, evildoers quaked at the prospect of tangling with him.

But the war in Europe changed him...he witnessed the depths of evil, and now combats it with an intensity that makes his pre-war exploits look like a lark. To this point, though, Geaorge Chance has battled only human depravity and is a skeptic at heart. Can he hold his own against the real supernatural menaces?
When I first heard Moonstone was launching a line of pulp comics and prose stories, I pitched the Green Ghost to Moonstone's Joe Gentile (with a tip o' the hat to pal Martin Powell, who sent me a Green Ghost novel a couple years back), and he was all over it. I gathered up the info about Chance's original pulp appearances, and put together a series bible for the relaunch.

Since then, writer Eric Fein and illustrator David Neihaus have come on board, contributing their ideas and designs for the series, and have crafted the first short comic story. I'll be handling the prose short story duties, co-writing the first tale with Eric, with David handling the spot illos.

For more info, head over to Moonstone Forums' Return of the Originals section for discussing Moonstone Pulp! Also check out Facebook and search on "Moonstone Pulps"--join up for art previews and other cool stuff! And watch this space for more details as they become available.

The spirit of pulp fiction is alive and well!
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