Monday, January 17, 2011

Author John Allen Small Releases Second Collection, SOMETHING IN THE AIR

From John Allen Small:


A small town janitor who thinks he has encountered a ghost... a dancer whose improvisations threaten a totalitarian regime... a former porn actress who becomes President of the United States... a bartender whose customers include the Angel of Death...and an elderly man who tells his grandchildren about the days when people celebrated a holiday called "Christmas." These are just a few of the characters readers will meet in "Something In The Air," a new collection of short stories by John Allen Small.

Author of the well-received western anthology Days Gone By: Legends And Tales Of Sipokni West, Small here treats his readers to a wider range of settings and subject matter. The collection opens with "The Only Real That Matters," a romantic tale in which the aging narrator recalls how he met the woman he would spend the rest of his life with; "Joshua Williams Breaks A Date" is a two-fisted adventure in the spirit of the pulp fiction magazines of the 1930s, while "A Chip Of The Ol' Block" reminds us that, no matter their age, boys will be boys.

Along the way there are tales both humorous ("Meatloaf And Me: The Untold Story") and tragic ("Day Of The Dove"); and thought-provoking looks at the possible directions society may be headed in ("Last Night I Had The Strangest Dream," "A Ghost Of Christmas Future"). Fans of a certain popular television series of the late 1960s will finally learn the "true" story of an American espionage agent's fall from grace in "The Phelps Dossier." And then there's "While The Birds Hummed Dirges," a most offbeat tale of alien invasion...

Combining several stories originally published elsewhere with others appearing here for the first time, Something In The Air is an eclectic and entertaining collection readers are bound to enjoy. Published by Ethan Books in association with CreateSpace LLC, Something In The Air is now available at

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