Sunday, June 05, 2011

Showcase Presents All Star Comics


Showcase Presents All Star Comics Vol. 1

Man oh man, the 1970s Justice Society and the All Star Super Squad, set firmly on Earth-2, which really did have a different feel, tone, and vibe than Earth-1... and before all this Crisis Crap.

This was groundbreaking stuff back then... Superman and Lois were married, and he was graying... but otherwise Wally Wood drew him just like he just stepped out of the Golden Age... which he did. Wood's Power Girl was something to behold... much more enticing (okay, hot) than Supergirl ever was.

Back in those days, the Earth-1 versions were static... and boring, frankly. But the Earth-2 versions could be married, have kids, etc. And they did. Batman was retired and had married Selina Kyle, the Catwoman. Their daughter was the Huntress, Helena Wayne, beautifully rendered by Joe Staton. And when the characters died--as The Batman of Earth-2 did--they stayed dead!

I have all these comics, have had them lovingly preserved since they first came out... but yeah, I'm getting this collection anyway. It's a must-have.



Scott D. Parker said...

Going to have to agree with you. The JSA and their WWII exploits is, I think, one of the reasons I fell in love with history. The JSA seemed part of the real world, or, as real as DC Comics in the 1970s got. I may have to pick this one up, too. Thanks.

Nicholas Ahlhelm said...

They were already recently republished in two color editions from five or so years ago.

I quite liked them though a few stories hadn't aged well. They were some of the best DC comics of the 70s in my opinion though (at least that I've read).

-> Ray said...

I have all the Archives from the 1940s issues and the trade paperbacks of the 1970s run, so this is unecessary to me. I'm glad they feel there's a market for this stuff, though. It's great!