Saturday, October 15, 2016

The Green Ghost: Declassified - Order Direct from Moonstone

The Green Ghost: Declassified can now be preordered direct from the publisher, Moonstone Books!

I can also now announce that there will also be a limited edition hardcover, available only direct from Moonstone.

The Green Ghost—magician sleuth George Chance—returns! Once a debunker of the supernatural, the Green Ghost terrorized criminals with his horrific skull-face and wraithlike abilities. But criminologist Chance came back from Europe changed—for his wartime experiences taught him: the occult and night creatures were real! Thrill to new prose and comic book tales featuring a multitude of murderers, monsters, and crossovers with I. V. Frost, the Domino Lady, and more!

Authors: Win Scott Eckert & Eric Fein (with a bonus tale by Howard Hopkins)
Artist: David Niehaus

It's also worth noting that our friends at Altus Press are reprinting the entire series of original Ghost/Green Ghost pulp novels and stories by G. T. Fleming-Roberts. The first volume is George Chance: The Ghost Omnibus, Volume 1.

Finally, I'd like to call out that our stories are a continuation of the original George Chance stories—not a "reboot." As such, we we view our tales as complementarynot competitive—with the new Green Ghost tales published by our New Pulp colleagues at Airship 27: George Chance-The Green Ghost, Volume 1.

Collect and read 'em all, kids!

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