Saturday, December 10, 2016

Book birthday, part two....

The Green Ghost: Declassified has arrived!

I have two solo short stories, and one cowritten with Eric Fein. Eric has several prose tales and two short comic stories. 

Spot & comic illustrations by David Niehaus. 

Limited edition cover art by David; trade edition cover art by Malcolm McClinton. 

Book design by Erik Enervold; published by Joe Gentile at Moonstone. 

Plus, a bonus tale, never-before-published, by the late Howard Hopkins.

One of my solo tales is a sequel to Howard's story. In the other, the Green Ghost teams with the Domino Lady against a very sinister, almost Rohmer-esque lady... And in my collaborative tale with Eric... Zombies! Under Broadway!!

List of Contents

Available direct from Moonstone:

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