Saturday, February 18, 2017

Green Ghost teaser!

Wondering what the Green Ghost is all about? Check out this teaser from Moonstone! This features the short story "Zombies under Broadway" (by Win Scott Eckert & Eric Fein) with "widevision" illustrations by David Niehaus). So, if you want a taste of The Green Ghost: Declassified collection but haven't yet taken the plunge on the whole book, please give our short story a shot

To be clear, the "Zombies" story is in the larger Declassified collection, so to those who already bought Declassified--thank you! If you've been on the fence, please give our "Zombies" teaser a look!

The Green Ghost: Zombies under Broadway (teaser)

The Green Ghost: Declassified (softcover collection)

The Green Ghost: Declassified (limited edition hardcover)

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