Sunday, March 18, 2018

The Lone Ranger: Frontier Justice - Table of Contents

I'm very pleased to announce the Table of Contents for Moonstone Books' forthcoming anthology, The Lone Ranger: Frontier Justice, edited by Matthew Baugh.

  • Introduction—Troy D. Smith
  • Daze of Yesteryear—Lane Adamson 
  • Being an Account of the Delay at Green River, Wyoming of Phileas Fogg, World Traveler—Win Scott Eckert (1872) 
  • Ghost Flowers—Thom Brannan (1874)
  • Stone Creek Revenge—Joe Gentile (1874–75) 
  • Soul of the East—Frank Schildiner (1876)
  • The Lake Spirit—Troy D. Smith (1878)
  • The Last Uprising—Matthew Baugh (1879)
  • Frozen Hell on the Llano—Chuck Dixon (1880)
  • To the Land of Gold—Richard Dean Starr (1883) 
  • Dead Man’s Gold—Bill Crider (1885) 
  • The Death of the Lone Ranger—Tim Lasiuta (1887) 
  • Tonto, Teddy, and the Ranger—Johnny D. Boggs (1905) 
  • Encounters—Various Authors 
  • Leap of Faith—Thom Brannan 

The masked ex-Texas ranger and the Native warrior Tonto fight injustice in the Wild West, in an anthology of brand new, never before seen stories! Guest starring Wyatt Earp, Doc Holliday, The Cisco Kid, Phileas Fogg, and more!

The "Encounters" section is a unique idea, with snippets of short-short "what if" tales. My own "encounter" takes place in 1873 and flows from the events of my 1872 story. Fans of Barbara Hambly's Star Trek novel Ishmael might be pleased.

The book is scheduled for a July 2018 release and is available for preorder from Amazon. Hopefully I'll have copies on hand in time for PulpFest 2018 in late July.

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