Friday, August 30, 2019

New review of HUNT THE AVENGER

New review of Hunt the Avenger by John Small of the Johnson County Sentinel.

"Eckert's writing is first-rate, evoking the slam-bang action and occasionally purple prose of the character's original pulp-era exploits while bringing a modern sensibility that ought to attract younger readers just getting acquainted with the classic hero." 

Hunt the Avenger by Win Scott Eckert, with stunning cover art by Malcolm McClinton, is NOW SHIPPING direct from Moonstone Books in two editions

  • An exclusive, signed  limited edition (with a black & white frontispiece sketch of the Countess on the signature page) “UNMASKED” hardcover, featuring gorgeous Ellen Patrick—the Domino Lady—sans mask!


  • “MASKED” softcover, with Ellen wearing her trademark black domino mask!


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