Tuesday, July 25, 2023

KORAK AT THE EARTH'S CORE - Book One of the Dead Moon Super-Arc (2023 update)

San Diego ComicCon 2023... and the Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc. panel held on Friday, July 22, 2023, displayed this teaser slide for....

Book One of The Dead Moon Super-Arc, KORAK AT THE EARTH'S CORE by Win Scott Eckert, releasing 2023 from Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc.! A brand-new Pellucidar trilogy, and the first Korak novel since Edgar Rice Burroughs' THE SON OF TARZAN!

Thanks to Christopher Paul Carey, Cathy Mann Wilbanks, Jim Sullos, cover artist E.M. Gist, and the whole team at Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc.!  Book One will be announced for pre-order in a couple of months (as of the date of this writing, July 25, 2023) from Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc., the company Mr. Burroughs established to publish his own work.

The novel, part of the company’s “Edgar Rice Burroughs Universe” line of canonical tales, is a follow-up to my novel TARZAN: BATTLE FOR PELLUCIDAR:

In the early 1970s, Tarzan’s jungle-raised son Korak sets of into the wilds of Pellucidar (the hollow earth that Burroughs wrote about in seven novels of his Pellucidar series) to rescue his daughter Suzanne, who has gone missing in the mysterious Land of Awful Shadow.

  • Book One will also heavily feature Meriem, Korak's wife.
  • Book Two: PROVISIONAL title: PELLUCIDAR: LAND OF AWFUL SHADOW - starring Suzanne Clayton (Korak's daughter), Korak's grandson (a new character), and a major new Waziri character
  • Book Three: PROVISIONAL title: TARZAN UNLEASHED - starring Tarzan and Jane
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