Monday, October 24, 2005

Several bits of good news to take note of…

According to Chris Roberson, intrepid publisher of MonkeyBrain Books, “MYTHS FOR THE MODERN AGE: PHILIP JOSÉ FARMER'S WOLD NEWTON UNIVERSE was mentioned in this week's Publishers Weekly, in the SF/Fantasy/Horror Notes section. Not a review, but nice to be noticed!”

Folks who ordered direct from MonkeyBrain are starting to receive their copies. Apparently Barnes & Noble is also starting to ship.

And I’ve made my second pro fiction sale. Jean-Marc Lofficier of Black Coat Press has accepted my story, “The Eye of Oran,” for TALES OF THE SHADOWMEN, VOLUME 2: GENTLEMEN OF THE NIGHT. The story takes place in Oran, Algeria, during the 1946 events of Albert Camus' THE PLAGUE.

So all in all I’m fairly pleased right now.

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