Wednesday, October 19, 2005


The contributor copies of MYTHS FOR THE MODERN AGE: Philip José Farmer's Wold Newton Universe arrived today, and they look great! As I have notified the contributors, I will be sending them their copies ASAP.

In terms of when it will actually ship to customers, book stores, etc., the MonkeyBrain folks told me today that the books should start showing up in book stores the middle of next month, or thereabouts.

This is a Big Deal and everyone involved -- Rick Lai, Pete Coogan, Matthew Baugh, Mark Brown, Loki Carbis, John Small, Jess Nevins, Dennis Power, Chuck Loridans, Chris Carey, Cheryl Huttner, Brad Mengel, and Art Bollmann -- as well as Phil & Bette Farmer, Mike Croteau of the Official Philip José Farmer Home Page, and Chris & Allison at MonkeyBrain Books, has my thanks and my Congratulations!

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