Wednesday, January 03, 2007

CROSSOVERS: A Chronology of Adventure Heroes

Announcing CROSSOVERS: A Chronology of Adventure Heroes (working title) by Win Scott Eckert

The book will be an enormous expansion and revision of what is currently called the Crossover Chronology. The current version of the
Crossover Chronology (online here) has approximately 400 entries. For the book version, those entries have been revised, as needed, and will contain approximately an additional 1,200 entries -- for a grand total of about 1,600 entries -- to what will be called the "Crossover Universe."

Readers can still think "Wold Newton Universe," if they prefer, and all the current references in the chronology to the Wold Newton Family, the Wold Newton meteor event, etc., will be maintained.

The basis for CROSSOVERS: A Chronology of Adventure Heroes will be fictional biographies, such as Philip José Farmer's TARZAN ALIVE and DOC SAVAGE, but also other works such as C. Northcote Parkinson's biography of Horatio Hornblower, or the short biographical pieces of the detectives in Anthony Boucher's FOUR-&-TWENTY BLOODHOUNDS.

In addition, the book will contain appendices on TV crossovers, and extensive Alternate Universe entries for stories that don't fit into the main continuity of CROSSOVERS, as well as an introductory essay on the history of the crossover by the incomparable Jess Nevins.

Coming in Spring/Summer 2008 (date tentative) from
MonkeyBrain Books.
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