Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Green Ghost: Declassified - Contents Reveal!

On behalf of my fellow creators, Eric Fein, David Niehaus, and Malcolm McClinton, I'm very pleased to announce the contents for The Green Ghost: Declassified, coming in late October from Moonstone Books. The collection features a combination of seven prose tales (some with accompanying illustrations) and two comic stories.

The Green Ghost—magician sleuth George Chance—returns! Once a debunker of the supernatural, the Green Ghost terrorized criminals with his horrific skull-face and wraithlike abilities. But criminologist Chance came back from Europe changed—for his wartime experiences taught him: the occult and night creatures were real! Thrill to new prose and comic book tales featuring a multitude of murderers, monsters, and crossovers with I. V. Frost, the Domino Lady, and more!

ZOMBIES UNDER BROADWAY by Win Scott Eckert and Eric Fein, illustrations by David Niehaus


Featuring The Black Shrike and The Green Ghost

THE MYSTERY NAMED ROSABELLE writer: Eric Fein / artist and letterer: David Niehaus

GHOST OF A CHANCE by Howard Hopkins

CHANCE OF A GHOST by Win Scott Eckert

THE PHANTOM’S GHOST by Eric Fein, illustrations by David Niehaus

Featuring The Green Ghost and the Phantom of the Opera

DAME SINSESTRE by Win Scott Eckert

Featuring The Green Ghost and The Domino Lady

OF MONSTERS AND MEN writer: Eric Fein / artist and letterer: David Niehaus


Featuring The Green Ghost and I. V. Frost

I'm especially pleased to announce the existence of a previously unpublished Green Ghost story by the late Howard Hopkins. Howard was a fantastic writer and a pulp expert. Hopefully the rescue of this tale and it's inclusion in this collection begins to pay back, in some small way, the inspiration and friendship which Howard showed me.

The Green Ghost: Declassified is available now for preorder from the August 2016 Diamond Previews catalog and ships to local comic shops in late October.

Alternatively, you can order direct from sites such as Things from Another World.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Headed to PulpFest 2016 / FarmerCon XI

I'm excited to see all my pulp collecting pals and fellow Philip José Farmer fans starting tomorrow at PulpFest 2016 / FarmerCon XI (July 21 - 24, 2016).

I am officially on vacation starting today, wrapping up several things around the house in preparation for an O-Dark-Hundred flight to Columbus, Ohio tomorrow morning.

In addition to helping man the Meteor House table, chatting with customers, as well as fellow readers and fans, and scouring the dealers' room for additions to my own collection, I have a reading scheduled and will appear on two panels.

Friday, July 22

7 - 7:40 pm: FarmerCon XI. Christopher Paul Carey, Paul Spiteri, Danny Adams and I (all of whom have cowritten books or stories with Philip José Farmer) discuss "Collaborating with a Grand Master."

Saturday, July, 23
2 - 2:50 pm: I join moderator Ron Fortier and fellow panelists Barbara Doran, Andy Fix, and Jeff Venture to discuss writing hero pulp in "The AMAZING World of New Pulp."

I hope to see you in Columbus!

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