Monday, July 16, 2007

Farmerphile: The Magazine of Philip José Farmer - Issue No. 9

Farmerphile #9 is now available for ordering and will be shipping sometime in the next couple weeks.

The issue is Ancient Opar themed. Table of Contents:

  • The Archaeology of Khokarsa - by Christopher Paul Carey
  • White Skinned Grey-Eyed God- by Dennis E. Power
  • Sketches from the Ruins of My Mind- by Robert R. Barrett
  • The Brueckel/Harwood Letter- by Philip José Farmer
  • Bibliophile- by Paul Spiteri
  • The Rebels Unthawed- by Philip José Farmer (Star Trek fans, take note!)--- illustrated by Shannon Robicheaux
  • Star Trek’s Loss Is Your Gain- by Danny Adams
  • Creative Mythography: "The Shades of Pemberley, Part II"- a Sexton Blake/Sherlock Holmes/Farmerian homage by Win Scott Eckert--- illustrated by Chuck Loridans
  • Up from the Bottomless Pit (part 9)- by Philip José Farmer

    Check out this utterly gorgeous cover art by Charles Berlin. That’s Phil Farmer exploring the ruins of Opar with the specter of Hadon of Opar hauntingly behind him. Chris Carey consulted with Charles on this illustration so that the symbols you see on the ruins and on the paper in Phil’s hand are actually the real characters Phil devised for the Khokarsan language (but have never previously been published anywhere). The stylized ant head painted on Hadon’s chest was also designed by Phil.

This issue also has the second part of my "The Shades of Pemberley." Please be sure to check out the Shades of Pemberley Contest; you can win copies of books signed by Phil Farmer, me, Chris Carey, Chuck Loridans, and Mike Croteau.


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