Thursday, July 05, 2007

Up from the Bottomless Pit shipping soon

"The word is in from Subterranean Press that Up from the Bottomless Pit and Other Stories will be shipping in July. This collection features the first book publication of Philip José Farmer’s Up from the Bottomless Pit, an eco-thriller that Phil wrote in the late-1970s about a worldwide disaster in the oil industry. The book never saw print until its serialized publication in Farmerphile (2005-2007) and now in this handsome limited edition from Subterranean Press. The book also features fourteen previously rare and uncollected Farmer stories and public talks, as well as an introduction and story headers by yours truly, and a special introduction to one story by Win Scott Eckert. Since this is a limited edition, which collectors will doubtless be after because it’s a first edition Farmer, I suggest you get 'em while they’re hot, folks."

My "special introduction" is Star Trek-related, although it is not to, alas a Trek story by Philip José Farmer. Still, if you're a Farmer fan and a Trek fan, you'll want to check it out. As well as the whole Chris Carey-edited collection, of course. :-)

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