Thursday, November 06, 2008

The Avenger Chronicles - signed copies available

I have 2 copies of the Caras cover (blue) available, and 1 copy of the Dorman cover. The Caras version has a glossy finish and the Dorman version has a matte finish. Both look great and I'm very pleased. I can offer these 3 signed copies at $14.95 each (plus shipping), which is $4 off the cover price.

Once I get more copies in stock (presumably when I can order more from Amazon or B&, I'll have to mark them at a higher price, since I got the 3 which are presently in stock at a significant discount. Still, I'll offer any future copies at my cost (that is, the Amazon or B&N discount), which should be somewhat less than the cover price).

Confused yet? Email me with any questions. :-)



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