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Wednesday, May 29, 2019

HUNT THE AVENGER—a "fix-up" novel!

AUTHOR’S NOTE to Hunt the Avenger (a exclusive release—not available anywhere else!)

My first published Avenger story, “Death and the Countess,” featured what I thought at the time was a throwaway line mentioning a prior adventure with the Domino Lady. I went on to pen two more Avenger tales that actually featured team-ups with the saucy pulp heroine.

  • “Death and the Countess,” The Avenger Chronicles (2008)
  • “Happy Death Men,” The Avenger: The Justice, Inc. Files (2011)
  • “According to Plan of a One-Eyed Trickster,” The Avenger: Roaring Heart of the Crucible (2013)

I was very happy with how the trilogy turned out, and yet it was clear that the three tales were meant to be read together as a whole—not separated by several years as each anthology was subsequently released. A proper reading required the stories to be collected in one volume.

Too, the trilogy always felt a bit imbalanced, with socialite Ellen Patrick—the Domino Lady—only making her “on camera” debut in the second tale. With that in mind, I set out to write the prequel to “Death and Countess,” showing the actual first meeting between Richard Benson and Ellen Patrick. This took a lot of careful planning and review of the timeline (excerpted at the conclusion of Hunt the Avenger) to ensure the continuity lined up—including featuring the black-haired, normal-skinned Benson, as he appeared in the final twelve original pulp novels and Ron Goulart’s twelve Avenger novels from the 1970s (as well as an additional short story by Goulart in 2008’s The Avenger Chronicles).

Throwing caution to the wind, I also decided to remedy the dangling plotlines left by prior scribe Goulart. I penned a fifth tale to wrap it all up in a bow, with the two new stories matching the word count of the original three tales.

The resulting pentalogy should be read together as one saga…Hunt the Avenger!

I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed the journey!

Win Scott Eckert
January 2019

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

This arrived today....

Limited edition hardcover with dust jacket by Douglas Klauba. Beautiful! Extra story by Max McCoy and a few other bonus materials.

And the first time I've been featured in a hardcover. :-)

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Avenger Chronicles - limited hardcover

The Avenger Chronicles limited edition hardcover is now out (I do not have my copy in hand, yet). The nifty cover by Doug Klauba has been posted over at Moonstone Books. Although it is not a hi-rez cover scan, it looks great. Can't wait to get my hands on it!

Friday, December 26, 2008

The Year in Review


Just a note of thanks to everyone who is kindly following along here. 2008 was a good year for fans of Philip Jose Farmer, Wold-Newton, pulps, etc., with more to come in 2009 and 2010...

Philip Jose Farmer's VENUS ON THE HALF-SHELL AND OTHERS, including Phil's Holmes-Tarzan crossover, THE ADVENTURE OF THE PEERLESS PEER:


The Wold Newton Universe website updated:

TALES OF THE SHADOWMWEN Vol. 4: LORDS OF TERROR and Vol. 5: THE VAMPIRES OF PARIS released in Jan. and Nov. respectively (featuring Wold-Newtony crossover pulp/adventure/mystery/horror/sf) stories:

Henry Covert's "The Many Worlds of Wold Newton" essays in ASTONISHING ADVENTURES magazine issues 4 and 5:

Announcement of the completion of 2 new Philip Jose Farmer novels, both of which take place in Phil's Wold Newton Universe:

...And the sale of one of those novels, THE EVIL IN PEMBERLEY HOUSE, to Subterranean Press (with fingers crossed that the other novel, THE SONG OF KWASIN completed by Christopher Paul Carey, will sell soon!)

The release of Moonstone Books' THE AVENGER CHRONICLES; some of the stories have Wold-Newtonian crossover references, particularly Matthew Baugh's , and mine, which has a heavy Farmerian influence.

FARMERPHILE no. 15 (coming in January, )

THE OTHER IN THE MIRROR by Philip Jose Farmer (Subterranean Press, early 2009)

Other short story anthologies in which I'll have stories; there will definitely be crossovers and one, if it gets approved, will have a heavy Wold-Newtonian background. These have not been announced yet, so I can't say anything further now. Stay tuned.


THE EVIL IN PEMBERLEY HOUSE (Subterranean Press; 2010 release date is conjecture, stay tuned)

Thanks to everyone here... And if you're not already "following" my blogs and would like to stay even current, please sign up using the "FOLLOW THIS BLOG" links:

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Happy Holidays, and all the best,


Thursday, November 06, 2008

The Avenger Chronicles - signed copies available

I have 2 copies of the Caras cover (blue) available, and 1 copy of the Dorman cover. The Caras version has a glossy finish and the Dorman version has a matte finish. Both look great and I'm very pleased. I can offer these 3 signed copies at $14.95 each (plus shipping), which is $4 off the cover price.

Once I get more copies in stock (presumably when I can order more from Amazon or B&, I'll have to mark them at a higher price, since I got the 3 which are presently in stock at a significant discount. Still, I'll offer any future copies at my cost (that is, the Amazon or B&N discount), which should be somewhat less than the cover price).

Confused yet? Email me with any questions. :-)



Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Avenger Chronicles! - Now available!

"At long last, after 40 years of waiting, there are new AVENGER stories to read! The AVENGER CHRONICLES is here!"

-Joe Gentile, Moonstone Books

Available at Amazon, B&N,, etc., direct from Moonstone, your local comic shop, as well as pulp/book dealer Mike Chomko (who takes checks if you don't like PayPal, etc.)

chomko @

Matthew Baugh and I both have stories in the collection, along with other familiar names like Will Murray, Howard Hopkins, Martin Powell, Robert Randisi, Tom DeFalco, Paul Kupperberg, Richard Dean Starr, and Ron Goulart. Covers by Peter Caras, Dave Dorman, and Doug Klauba. We had a lot of fun with it, and we hope you'll give it a look!



Saturday, October 04, 2008

The Avenger Chronicles - limited edition cover art!

Artist extraordinaire Douglas Klauba has posted his cover for the forthcoming Limited Edition of The Avenger Chronicles from Moonstone Books. It features all the members of the Justice Inc. team, for the first time ever. All I can say is "Wow!" What a fantastic piece! The book is coming soon, and I'm very honored to be a part of it.