Saturday, November 22, 2008

Tales of the Shadowmen 5: The Vampires of Paris -- now available!

Once upon a time, the world was but a stage for the exploits of the Shadowmen... The Vampires haunted the rooftops of Paris... Count Zaroff hunted the Serpent Men in the streets of New York... The Queen of Atlantis killed to save her mythical Kingdom... Arsene Lupin prowled the back alleys of Saigon... While in outer space, Doctor Omega and Professor Moriarty finally set foot upon an asteroid...

This fifth anthology of pastiches features some of the most amazing encounters between the legendary heroes and villains of popular literature: Count Dracula and Joséphine Balsamo, Lord Ruthven and the Count of Monte Cristo, the Nyctalope and Ernst Stavro Blofeld, Arsène Lupin and Hanoi Shan, Irma Vep and Fascinax, Monsieur Lecoq and Dr. Loveless... and even Sherlock Holmes and Tevye the Milkman!

I was fortunate enough to convince my good friend (and very talented writer!) Christopher Paul Carey to collaborate on a tale, and our editor and publisher, Jean-Marc Lofficier, was very pleased with the result. Our story, "Iron and Bronze,"
combines elements drawn from Pierre Benoit's L'Atlantide, Jules Verne's duology The Barsac Mission, J. H. Rosny and Philip José Farmer's Ironcastle, and Guy d'Armen's Doc Ardan, against the backdrop of H. Rider Haggard's Africa.

Tales of the Shadowmen 5: The Vampires of Paris, is now available direct from Black Coat Press and from -- coming soon to B& and We hope you'll check it out!
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