Saturday, November 22, 2008

Vegas pics

For the better half's birthday, we spent four days in Vegas last week, played some slots (and came home even), had some spectacular meals, and saw a few shows (Cirque "O" (Wednesday), the kitchy & racy Folies Bergere (Thursday), and Blue Man Group (Friday). Also engaged in a little retail therapy, particularly at the Bettie Page store (!!), where I got a nifty retro Bettie Page clock and a Bettie Page tie, for swingin' jazz and rockabilly evenings out sipping martinis.

On Thursday we had spa treatments together, after which Lisa went off for more girlie spa goodness while I lounged the manly section of the spa and let the hot jet tubs blast my back muscles into jelly, and then received an amazingly good bit of news emailed to my new crackberry phone. No more on that now, until it's official.

Here are some pics of the Bellagio fountains taken from our hotel room, and the fake Eiffel Tower across the street. From the pics, you'd think we went to Europe or something. :-)

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