Saturday, January 08, 2011

Green Hornet - '60s TV series marathon on SyFy!

The 1960s series The Green Hornet--featuring the versions of The Hornet and Kato seen here on the cover of Moonstone's The Green Hornet Chronicles (plug, plug)--will run in its entirety on SyFy Channel, all 26 episodes, on Tuesday January 11 (8 am-9 pm Mountain Time, check your local listings).

My DVR is set. :-)

Yes, I have 'em all on video tape, tapes off of television long ago.

And yes, I've found 'em on the web in
(--ahem--) various places. But I'm looking forward to watching these in HD--even if they might be edited for time.

Can an authorized DVD set be far behind?

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