Friday, January 01, 2016

A New Year

2015 was a slow year for me from a writing productivity perspective. The move to a new city, getting our new house in order, and starting a new job have all led to a major disruption in my output. 

Too, when I did find a spot of free time, it was consumed by necessary editing and publishing tasks to which I had already been obligated.

I had hoped to see a few more pieces out in 2015, but despite meeting submission deadlines, they weren't published as planned. Hopefully they are well on their way for 2016.

Thus, I only have one publication in 2015, a short story in the benefit anthology Legends of New Pulp Fiction. I was very pleased and honored to be included in this, and hopefully readers will enjoy my Green Ghost story, "Chance of a Ghost." Even more importantly, I hope the book helps fellow publisher Tommy Hancock and his family in this time of need. (And check out that awesome cover by the talented Doug Klauba!)

I was also glad to see a few prior works out in ebook, new editions, or in new collections.
  • The connected tales "Nadine's Invitation," "Marguerite's Tears," and "Violet's Lament" were republished in The Vampire Almanac, Volume 2 by Jean-Marc and Randy Lofficier (eds.) (Black Coat Press, May 2015) | Amazon
  • "Les Levres Rouges" was republished in The Vampire Almanac, Volume 1 by Jean-Marc and Randy Lofficier (eds.) (Black Coat Press, February 2015) | Amazon

Significantly, December 13, 2015 saw the launch of Wold Newton, with much appreciated help from fellow Wold Newton fans and experts Christopher Paul Carey and Jason Aiken. The site is dedicated to providing "accurate and factual information on the canonical Wold Newton Family as created and envisioned by Philip José Farmer, and on deuterocanonical works authorized by Mr. Farmer or his estate."

There is a new article posted there today, Philip José Farmer's "The Arms of Tarzan."

2016 should see the publication of one already-written non-fiction pop culture piece and two already-written short stories—one of which has been waiting in the wings for six long years. The latter is either coming out this year or it will have to move along to a new home.

I'm hunkering down to whip out an Avenger novel, after which comes intensive research, rereading, worldbuilding, outlining, and finishing the Doc Caliban novel The Monster on Hold (begun by Philip José Farmer in the late 1970s and early 1980s). Monster is slated for a summer 2017 release.


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