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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hunt for Adventure!

The Gabriel Hunt website has been updated with all of the forthcoming books and covers!

According to publisher Charles Ardai, the brains behind Hard Case Crime:

"No longer will you have to squint at tiny thumbnails of the first six covers, or wonder what the books might possibly be about. No, now you can see nice, big thumbn
ails -- and, if you're so inclined, read the first chapter of each book. (Some are just teasers of a few pages in length, some are long and meaty action scenes...whatever Gabriel decided to open the book with in each case. He's the boss.) You'll also find bios of the various authors who helped Gabriel get his stories down on paper (the man travels an awful lot and rarely has time to sit at a computer for long; doesn't much like computers anyway), and of Glen Orbik, the brilliant painter who created all the covers for the series. Our first title -- HUNT AT THE WELL OF ETERNITY -- will be appearing in stores across America in just 6 weeks. You'll be able to get it then from your favorite local bookseller, or you can pre-order it online or by calling 1-800-481-9191. (Or both! Why not buy one copy to read and one to give away to a friend? Even in this tight economy, you really can't beat $6.99 for a night's entertainment...) And in other news, I'm excited to report that a number of people in Hollywood have been knocking on Gabriel's door, to see if he might be open to letting them tell his story, either on the big screen or possibly as a TV series. The man's still thinking about it -- it's a big decision for him -- but I wouldn't be surprised if he had some news to share with us on this front over the coming months..."

I really cannot wait for this series. All the Orbik covers are gorgeous, but this is my favorite.

Hmmm, Glen Orbik. Isn't he the guy doing the cover for The Evil in Pemberley House?

Why, yes. Yes, he is. :-)