Friday, September 09, 2005

Cover art to new edition of Philip José Farmer's TARZAN ALIVE

A month ago I turned in my Afterword to the new edition of TARZAN ALIVE (Bison Books, 2006). I didn't hear much back, and became worried that perhaps they didn't care for it. (Usual writer's insecurity, so what else is new?)

The link to TARZAN ALIVE on the Bison website has been updated, and the cover art is now up. It's the art from the 1972 Esquire magazine article featuring Phil Farmer's "Exclusive Interview with Lord Greystoke" (which is also included in the new TARZAN ALIVE edition).

I love this cover, for a variety of reasons. Click on the cover image see an enlarged version.... I guess they liked my Afterword. I'm pretty happy about this. :-)


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