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FARMERPHILE - Issue No. 7 – January 2007 – Now Available!

FARMERPHILE: The Magazine of Philip José Farmer

Farmerphile is a quarterly magazine completely dedicated to works by and about Philip José Farmer. It features the unpublished novel Up from the Bottomless Pit, a suspense-thriller about the ultimate disaster in the oil industry, serialized over the first ten issues. These ten issues will also include other unpublished stories, speeches and letters by Farmer himself, as well as articles about the Grand Master and his work from his fans and peers. Farmerphile is fabulously illustrated by such talented artists as Jason Robert Bell, Charles Berlin, Keith Howell, Karl Kauffman, Chuck Loridans, and Shannon Robicheaux.

Issue No. 7 – January 2007 – Now Available!

The January 2007 issue of Farmerphile features Philip José Farmer’s previously unpublished science fiction story “The Frames,” a prophetically disturbing look at the electronic duplicity of our media. Next up is “The Light-Hog Incident,” a never before seen in print excerpt from PJF’s unfinished novel The Man Who Loved the Great Wizard. But that’s not all: Be the first to read an excerpt from the upcoming short novel The City Beyond Play (PS Publishing, 2007) by Philip José Farmer and Danny Adams, and an exclusive interview with the two authors about the writing of this new and exciting release. Also included in this issue: a little known account by author David Bischoff in which he inadvertently becomes involved in an uncomfortable near miss with one of his favorite authors; the hilarious Riverworld parodies of fan legend Walt Liebscher; a look at the mysteries of The World of Tiers by Dennis E. Power (contributor to Myths for the Modern Age: Philip José Farmer’s Wold Newton Universe); and features by our regular contributors Bette Farmer and Paul Spiteri (editor of Pearls from Peoria).

Table of contents:

Riverworld in Parody – Walt Liebscher

The Rollercoaster Ride with Phil Farmer – Bette Farmer

An Excerpt from The City Beyond Play – Philip José Farmer & Danny Adams

Farmerphile Interviews Danny Adams and Philip José Farmer

The Frames – Philip José Farmer

illustrated by Charles Berlin

The Light-Hog Incident – Philip José Farmer

A Letter from Farmer – David Bischoff

Creative Mythography – Dennis E. Power

Bibliophile: a discussion on The Long Warpath – Paul Spiteri

Up from the Bottomless Pit, Part 7 – Philip José Farmer

illustrated by Keith Howell

Cover art by Shannon Robicheaux

Complete ordering information for Farmerphile may be found at:
(Note from Win: my pal and fellow Wold Newton/PJF researcher Dennis Power kindly agreed to do a guest Creative Mythography column for this issue. Check it out, why don't you? I'll be back in issue no. 8.

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