Sunday, September 14, 2008

Two books of interest to Wold Newton fans

In THE ELDRITCH NEW ADVENTURES OF BECKY SHARP, the villainess of the Victorian classic Vanity Fair enters the Cthulhu Mythos as an agent of H.P. Lovecraft's Great Race of Yith!Cover, frontispiece, and title page illustrations by Loston Wallace! With a mini-introductory essay by Mark (Xenoxoic Tales, The Coming of Conan the Cimmerian, King Features' Prince Valiant) Schultz!

And the answers to these and other metafictional mysteries: 1) The circumstances of the unheralded first attempted Lidenbrock Expedition to the Center of the Earth! 2) The secret parentage of Ann Darrow, bride of the fearsome Kong! 3) The apocalyptic origins and final fate of Queequeg's fetish and how it went from pagan idol among the wreckage of the Pequod to a dust-gathering paperweight at 221-B Baker Street!

The Eldritch New Adventures of Becky Sharp by Micah S. Harris is now available for $14.95 ($15.27 Canada) plus $4.00 postage and handling for First Class mailing US (Total: $18.95) and $7.00 postage Canada (Total $22.27). Overseas mailing is priority only at $15.00 ($29.95 total).Pay via Paypal and pay to Please specify "Becky Sharp Book" and include your name and complete address (including country if overseas) and if you wish your copy to be signed by the author. Also available on


Altus Press has put together a collection of Rick Lai's articles (mainly involving heroes). The book is entitled SECRET HISTORIES: DARING ADVENTURERS.


A Chronology for the Avenger

Yasmini of India

The Life and Times of Steve Harrison

The Legend of El Borak

The Life and Times of Wild Bill Clanton

The Saga of Singapore Sammy

The Sgt. Jaeger Chronology

The Mystery of Harry Quatermain and Other Conundrums

The Saga of John Gorman

Secrets of Sir Henry Merrivale

The Lecoq Universe

Peter the Brazen: The Inconsistencies

Peter the Brazen Vs. Fu Manchu

The Hand of Kong

The Contradictions of Khlit the Cossack

The A.J. Raffles Chronology

The Insane Captain Wentworth

The Anomaly of Professor Challenger’s Daughter

A Scandal in Ruritania

The Holmes-Lupin Rivalry

The Savage Family of India

The Tragic Case of John Blakeney

The Jules de Grandin Chronology (co-authored with Matthew Baugh)

There will be a collection called SECRET HISTORIES: CRIMINAL MASTERMINDS in the future. This will include all Rick's other Fu Manchu articles.


Toby O'B said...

Thanks for letting us know about that Becky Sharp/Cthulhu book; just ordered it through your link from Amazon. (I hope that means a few pennies for you!)

Anyway it sounds like fun!

Win Scott Eckert said...

Naw, I don't do that Amazion seller thing, but enjoy the book. :-)