Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Short fiction in print

My pal Matthew Baugh posted his short fiction in print, and while I have a complete bibliography on another page, I thought it was kinda cool to put it right in a blog post, so I'm unabashedly copying him. :-)

  • "The Vanishing Devil" TALES OF THE SHADOWMEN, VOL 1 - Doc Ardan (Doc Savage), Doctor Natas (Doctor Fu Manchu), Sherlock Holmes
  • "The Eye of Oran" TALES OF THE SHADOWMEN, VOL 2 - Doc Ardan, Doctor Natas, Violet Holmes, A. Lupin, J. Bond, SNIF
  • "Shadows over Kunlun" LANCE STAR--SKY RANGER - Lance Star & co., Doctor Natas
  • "Les Lèvres Rouges" TALES OF THE SHADOWMEN, VOL 3 - Doc Ardan, A. Lupin, Elisabeth Bathory, Nestor Burma, Jens Rolf, SNIF
  • "The Shades of Pemberley" FARMERPHILE nos. 8 & 9 - Sexton Blake, Tinker, Doc Ardan, the Dowager Duchess of Holdernesse, Doctor Augustus Moran, Sherlock Holmes
  • "The Atomos Affair" TALES OF THE SHADOWMEN, VOL 4 - Madame Atomos, UNCLE
  • Excerpt from the Wold Newton novel THE EVIL IN PEMBERLEY HOUSE (with Philip José Farmer), FARMERPHILE no. 14 - Patricia Wildman (daughter of the Man of Bronze), the Dowager Duchess of Greystoke (Holdernesse), Doctor Augustus Moran (coming out any week now, so I'm listing it as IN PRINT rather than NOT YET PUBLISHED... :-)

  • "L'oeil d'Oran" LES COMPAGNONS DE L'OMBRE (Tome 1)
  • "L'Affaire Atomos" LA SAGA DE MME. ATOMOS (Tome 3)

  • "Death and the Countess" THE AVENGER CHRONICLES (coming out later this month, I think/hope)
  • "Iron and Bronze" TALES OF THE SHADOWMEN, VOL 5 (with Christopher Paul Carey) - Doc Ardan, Hareton Ironcastle, Antinea, Harry Killer (coming January 2009)
  • "Les lèvres rouges" LES COMPAGNONS DE L'OMBRE (Tome 3)
  • "Captain Midnight at Ultima Thule" CAPTAIN MIDNIGHT: DECLASSIFIED

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