Tuesday, March 03, 2009

pic o' the day - a week of Philip José Farmer

Please post (or repost) your remembrances of Phil to the Philip José Farmer forum, and help celebrate this great writer's--and great man's--life and influence.


Greg said...

I remember Tarzan Alive was the first exposure I had to Farmer's creative mythography, I knew a little of it before that, my interests have always tended in the direction of adventure fiction, but until my dad dug out his copy it was just background noise. Here I am, eight years and several hundred dollars poorer for the adventure, but with no regrets.
It is sad that Mr. Farmer is gone, but what he has left behind is the kind of legacy that one can't predict, the kind that grows and inspires and becomes more than it was before. Thank you for all you have done to keep his strange, inventive dreams alive.

Michael Brown said...

that's the edition of TA I have.

Got it after getting DS:HAL. Have 2-3 paperback editions of that one (each with different covers).

I was soooo waiting for PJF to complete the Grandrith/Caliban storyline... sigh.