Friday, October 30, 2009

Creative Mythographers on the Move

Rick Lai’s Secret Histories: Criminal Masterminds (Altus Press, 2009)

The follow-up to Lai’s Daring Adventurers collection, this volume contains the following: “The Chronological Crimes of Wu Fang and Yen Sin,” “The Secret History of Captain Nemo,” “A Brief Biography of Dr. Caber (1883-1945?),” “The Bride of Shiwan Khan,” “The Mask of Erik,” “The Life of Dr. Antonio Nikola (1856-1898?),” “The Brothers Zaroff,” “The Savage Killer,” “Irma of the Ilsa,” “The Trail of the Feathered Serpent,” “Zanigew the Killer,” “The Balkan Tigress,” “Astar of Opar: The Secret Origin of Sumuru,” “The Hansoms of John Clay,” “The Tiger of Haiti,” “Professor Moriarty’s Other Daughter,” “The Third Most Dangerous Man in London,” “Some Chronological Observations on the Fu Manchu Series,” “Fu Manchu Vs. Cthulhu,” “Ah Ling, Brother to Fu Manchu,” “The Legacy of Hanoi Shan,” “The Secret of Erlik Khan,” “Partners in Crime: Fu Manchu and Carl Peterson,” “Alias Dr. Natas,” “Sirens of the Si-Fan,” “The Hidden Hand of Shiwan Khan,” and “John Sunlight and the Si-Fan Succession.”

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