Tuesday, May 25, 2010

pic o' the day


-> Ray said...

Win -
Have you read "Return of the Mask" by Nick Ahlhelm (from "Pulp Empire, Volume 1")? DL's great-granddaughter is named Fiona Hazzard, and her father is Patrick Hazzard. I would speculate that her grandparents are Helen Benson (you know who she is) and a male child of Capt. Hazzard (and Pat Savage), who named his son "Patrick" to honor of his mother and his maternal grandfather (DL's dad). Fiona's mother is named as Lorna Muldoon. Does that ring any pulpy bells for you? I'm drawing a blank. The story can be read online here: http://pulpempire.com/mag/?p=45

Win Scott Eckert said...

Hi Ray,

Cool speculations, I like the lay you think. :-)

I quickly skimmed the story at the link you sent (I'd not heard of Pulp Empire before...)... interesting...

However: "Dad would have told me if I had a great grandma."

Er, *everyone* has a great grandma. ;-) If the rest of the story is written at that level, I may give it a pass. ;-) Nonetheless, your Wold Newton Family speculations are intriguing. :-)



-> Ray said...

Yeah, it's not the best writing. There are far too many typographical errors, even in the print edition (which I bought due to my "completist" attitude with Domino Lady). My girlfriend read it and I think it turned her off to some of my pulpy leanings.