Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Worlds of Philip José Farmer 1: Protean Dimensions--Pre-Order Now!

As previously announced, The Worlds of Philip José Farmer 1: Protean Dimensions, is coming your way next month.

I'm happy to provide the first look at the cover here (by the extraordinary Keith Howell), as well as the full listing of contents!

  • All new fiction set in the World of Tiers, the origin of the Wold Newton Family, Khokarsa (from Farmer's novels Hadon of Ancient Opar and Flight to Opar), and the worlds of Flesh, "The Lovers," and Greatheart Silver.
  • Parallel universe and time travel stories about Philip José Farmer himself.
  • A classic story, never-before-published stories, and a speech by Philip José Farmer!

  • Foreword by Paul Malmont
  • The Bite of the Asp by Randall Garrett
  • Newly Born, Newly Dead by Philip José Farmer
  • It Could Make a Great Fantasy by Laura Wilkes Carey
  • My Summer Husband by Philip José Farmer
  • Sail On! Sail On! by Philip José Farmer
  • Read On! Read On! by James Gunn
  • Comment on “Sail On! Sail On!” by Philip José Farmer
  • The Legend of Mishiwapo by Philip José Farmer
  • Philip José Farmer’s Adventures in Hollywood by Jack Mertes
  • Bordering on the Absurd by Danny Adams
  • Infamy by Edward Morris
  • Le Maréchal by Paul Spiteri
  • The Pollinators by Rhys Hughes
  • Is He in Hell? by Win Scott Eckert
  • The Blakeney Family Tree by Win Scott Eckert
  • No Trees of Earth by David Bischoff
  • A Kick in the Side by Christopher Paul Carey
  • Flesh Endures by Dennis E Power
  • The Final Flight of Greatheart Silver by Chris Roberson
  • A Writer’s Prayer by Philip José Farmer
The Worlds of Philip José Farmer will be a numbered limited edition trade paperback. The release date is June 26th, during Farmercon V. Meteor House will only be printing 50 to 100 copies more than are pre-ordered, so... be sure you get a copy of this book, send an email to:

mike @

...and reserve your copy today. You don't have to pay for the book when you pre-order and if you request, the book will be signed by those contributors attending FarmerCon V, which is also acting as a launch party for the book.
  • US$ 20.00
  • 6x9 tpb, 264 pages
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-615-37005-7
Copies are limited and already going fast, so contact mike @ and reserve your copy now!

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