Tuesday, June 21, 2011

THE PEERLESS PEER - available today!

To all fans of Philip Jose Farmer's Wold Newton Universe...!

Fellow Wold Newton expert Brad Mengel wrote the following to me today:

"I picked up my copy of Titan Books' [new edition of Philip Jose Farmer's classic Sherlock Holmes-Lord of the Jungle crossover novel] The Adventure of The Peerless Peer. Looking at the back cover I was amazed to see '
A Wold Newton Universe Novel.'"

Yes indeed. :-)

Titan is clearly testing the waters with creating a "brand" line of Wold Newton books, just like their "Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes" line.

I know that may of us, as Wold Newton fans, already have copies of The Peerless Peer, but if you want to see more Philip Jose Farmer books brought back into print, as a series of "Wold Newton Universe Novels," then buy this
new edition, please spread the word to all other Wold Newton fans you can get in contact with, and get them to buy it too. ;-)

We're great fans of Phil's fabulous Wold Newton concept. I can't spread the word alone. I need your help. :-) Blogs, Facebook, twitter, word of mouth, etc.

Anything and everything will help. Thanks in advance. :-)

P.S. Readers and fans may also be interested in the new Afterword which I contributed to this edition. ;-)
The Peerless Peer by Philip José Farmer - Direct from Titan Books - Afterword by Win Scott Eckert
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