Sunday, February 26, 2012

Operator #5 anthology -- and the Green Ghost!

I'm pleased to announce that Moonstone Books is assembling a new Operator #5 anthology! 

Joe Gentile and Gary Phillips will handle the editorial duties (as well as contribute stories), while the rest of the writers delving into the secret files are: Eric Fein, Ron Fortier, Tommy Hancock, Will Murray, Martin Powell, Aaron Shaps, and Jeri Westerson. The tales are self-contained, but are also part of a larger narrative, similar to the Purple Invasion saga from the original Operator #5 pulps.

Some of the stories will also team up Operator #5 with other pulp heroes, and I'm thrilled to note that the Green Ghost will be working with America's top agent in my tale!

Stay tuned to this space as more information becomes available!