Friday, March 02, 2012

Sherlock Holmes: The Crossovers Casebook

I am reliably informed by my pal Matthew Baugh that Sherlock Holmes: The Crossovers Casebook is now available. This was the last book edited by our friend Howard Hopkins before he passed away, and I can't wait to read it. The lineup of contributing writers is superb, and includes Baugh, Hopkins, Joe Gentile, Richard Dean Starr, Martin Gately, Will Murray, Don Roff, Chris Sequiera, Martin Powell, and Barbara Hambly.

My tale, "The Adventure of the Fallen Stone," involves Holmes with other detectives in the Sherlockian vein, Blake of Baker Street and Harry Dickson, as well as a Rohmerian femme fatale. Holmes' brother Mycroft has a significant role, and he sends the intrepid group off to the sleepy village of Wold Newton, where a certain meteor once fell.

The story also follows directly from the events of The Peerless Peer, which was edited for publication by Philip Jose Farmer, although you need not read Peer to enjoy and understand "The Fallen Stone."

Sherlock Holmes: The Crossovers Casebook is available from:
Moonstone direct

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