Saturday, November 10, 2012


Coming next Tuesday, Nov 13, from Titan Books ... Lord of the Trees (Secrets of the Nine #2 - Wold Newton Parallel Universe) (The Memoirs of Lord Grandirth)

"Having lived long enough with the charming fairy tale created by my biographer, I feel the time has come for the truth to be known. I propose to tell all; of the origins of The Nine, the elixir that gives us nearly eternal youth and superhuman strength, the struggles between us that set the world atremble."

A brand-new edition of the classic novel, a follow-up to Philip José Farmer's shocking and controversial A Feast Unknown.

Featuring an all-new Introduction, which I have written especially for this edition, "A Tale of Two Universes."

Pre-order your copy now, in print and eBook!

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Charles R. Rutledge said...

Mine's on the way to my local comic shop.