Wednesday, November 08, 2023

First Ever Hardcover Edition of Philip José Farmer's THE OTHER LOG OF PHILEAS FOGG!

The first ever hardcover edition of Philip José Farmer's groundbreaking 1972 novel The Other Log of Phileas Fogg!

The first ever hardcover edition... 

  • ...of what was "steampunk" long before the term was coined!
  • ...of a key Wold Newton Universe novel!
  • ...of a seminal crossover novel by one of the masters of the genre!

Don't let your Philip José Farmer collection go without this new unique edition that also includes Jules Verne's Around the World in Eight Days... 

The limited edition hardcover includes:

  • Leatherette cover with gold foil stamping
  • Custom printed end papers
  • Illustrated signature page in color, signed by contributors Win Scott Eckert, Henry Franke, Dennis Power, and cover artist M. S. Corley!

BOTH the limited edition hardcover and the trade paperback include:

  • Farmer’s Foreword and Introduction (as included in all prior editions of Other Log)
  • “A Submersible Subterfuge, or, Proof Impositive” by H. W. Starr (as included in all prior editions of Other Log)
  • “Jules Verne’s Extraordinary Voyages Around the World” by Jules Verne expert Henry G. Franke III
  • “Only a Coincidence: Phileas Fogg, Philip José Farmer, and the Wold Newton Family” by Farmer and Wold Newton Family expert Win Scott Eckert—including a family tree graphic showing Philip José Farmer’s place in the Wold Newton Family!
  • “A Chronology of Major Events Pertinent to The Other Log of Phileas Fogg” by Win Scott Eckert

Also included are two bonus stories, set in the latter part of the novel when Fogg and company are traveling across the midwestern United States:

  • “Being an Account of the Delay at Green River, Wyoming of Phileas Fogg, World Traveler” by Win Scott Eckert
  • “Passing through the Hands of Steel” by Dennis E. Power

In addition, by arrangement with artist Rick J. Bryant, we have included his original interior illustrations originally published in the 1982 TOR Books edition of Other Log!

Preorder your copy today!

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