Thursday, October 23, 2008

Quick updates: Farmerphile #14 now available & MileHiCon 40 this weekend

Farmerphile no. 14 is back from the printer and available for order. As a not-so-gentle reminder, this issue features a sample excerpt from the novel The Evil in Pemberley House (featuring Doc Savage's (Wildman's) daughter, Patricia Wildman, as well as a magnificent illustration of the Doc Wildman coat of arms, based on Phil Farmer's research and description.

I will have several copies of issue 14 for sale on consignment through Who Else Books, at the dealer's room at MileHiCon 40 in Denver, where I'll be spending most of my weekend. Also available on consignment will be copies of Myths for the Modern Age: Philip José Farmer's Wold Newton Universe, Tarzan Alive, Tales of the Shadowmen vols. 1-4, and Lance Star--Sky Ranger, as well as two full sets of all 14 issues of Farmerphile (in addition to the extra copies of no. 14 mentioned above).

I know this blog post is probably not reaching many locals, but just in case... hope to see you there!

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