Sunday, October 26, 2008

Signed books for sale

As a leftover from MileHiCon 40, I have a few more books on hand than I need. I'm thinking of selling signed copies myself: Myths for the Modern Age, Tarzan Alive, Tales of the Shadowmen, vols. 1-4, Lance Star--Sky Ranger, and perhaps even some Farmerphiles if Mike Croteau agrees. No profit motive here, I'll sell them for what I paid for them (that includes the Amazon discount I got when I bought them), plus shipping -- and signed! :-)

Let me know your level of interest by commenting back here, please. If interest is minimal, I'll box them up store them for some future Con. Conversely, if interest is high, I'll consider buying some extra copies of The Avenger Chronicles and Tales of the Shadowmen, vol. 5, and anything else that comes out in the future, signing them, and reselling them at cost. So let me know.

Info on books, prices, and number of copies left is linked in the left navigation bar, under Signed Books for Sale.
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