Saturday, March 19, 2011

Bonus pic o' the day--and an obscure Bond crossover

This one comes courtesy of David Foster over at the fine Permission to Kill blog:

"I picked up a book yesterday called In the Halls of Evil - 1967 Lancer Books - (apparently also known as The Shrewsbury Terror), and stumbled on the character of Sir Miles Messervy - AKA: M from the Bond series.

The book is set in America, however Sir Miles is still English, smokes a pipe etc., and is the head of FIRES (Facility Investigating Research Experimental Submarines) - does that acronym even make sense?"


But it is quite amusing. Thanks David!

For more crossovers, well-known and obscure, like this one, check out my Crossovers 1 & 2: A Secret Chronology of the World, recently treated to an expansive review by Henry Zeo Covert at She Never
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