Monday, May 30, 2011

Casting Call 2: The Evil in Pemberley House

Following up on Brad Mengel's original post, and my brief reply, on dream casting The Evil in Pemberley House:

Patricia Wildman: still down with Christina Hendricks.

Dr. James Clarke "Doc" Wildman (Patricia's father): Chris Hemsworth (minus the long hair & beard).

Adelaide Lupin (Patricia's mother): Eva Green.

The Dowager Duchess of Greystoke: I'm fine with Brad's suggestion of Dame Maggie Smith.

Richard Deguy: Richard Greene (since Phil Farmer said Deguy looked like Greene).

Carla Deguy/Ghost of Bess of Pemberley: Olivia Wilde.

Helen Benson (daughter of Mr. Benson and Ellen Patrick): Beau Garrett.

Dr. Augustus Moran: Michael Caine.


Brad Mengel said...

Wow Win, I like some of these better than mine. Why didn't I think of Michael Caine?

Win Scott Eckert said...

Brad, what did you think of the rather cool and icy pic of Helen Benson? Her father's daughter, no? :-)