Monday, May 30, 2011

FarmerCon VI and PulpFest 2011!

From the PulpFest site:

"PulpFest 2011 is pleased to announce that FarmerCon VI will be held concurrently at our convention. An annual gathering for fans of Grand Master of Science Fiction Philip José Farmer, FarmerCon is rooted in Peoria, Illinois, the late author’s home town."

Read the whole entry here.

In conjunction, Meteor House will have a table in the PulpFest Dealer's Room, and I'll be helping man the table, along with my friend, fellow FarmerCon organizer, and Meteor House cohort, Mike Croteau.

As one of the organizers and participants in FarmerCon, I’d like to thanks the fine folks at PulpFest for agreeing to co-host us this year. This will be our 6th annual gathering, and the second since Phil Farmer and Bette Farmer passed away.

We will have some cool Farmer/Pulp/Wold Newton presentations for the programming, and we’ll have a selection of books still available from Phil Farmer’s estate, as well as some copies of the latest Farmer books for sale (last summer’s THE WORLDS OF PHILIP JOSE FARMER 1: PROTEAN DIMENSIONS, Meteor House), and the forthcoming THE WORLDS OF PHILIP JOSE FARMER 2: OF DUST AND SOUL, featuring new works from Phil’s files, non-fic essays about his work, new authorized fiction set in his various worlds, and cover art by Laura Givens.

Of course, I’ll also bring copies of my latest non-Farmerian books and will be selling those at our table as well. Fingers crossed I’ll have the forthcoming THE GREEN HORNET CASEFILES on hand, as well as THE AVENGER: THE JUSTICE INC. FILES. CROSSOVERS 2 was not out in time for last year's FarmerCon, so that's also something to keep in mind.

I’ll be discussing Phil’s pulp universe/timeline, known as the Wold Newton Universe, and hopefully I’ll have copies on hand of Titan Books’ reissue of Phil’s Sherlock Holmes-Lord Greystoke mashup novel, THE PEERLESS PEER, to which I’ve contributed a new afterword.

Some other regular FarmerCon attendees who I know will be there are my pals Art
Sippo, John Small, and Doc Savage/Shadow chronologist Rick Lai. Some other online pals who I'm looking forward to meeting in person are writer Greg Gick and All Pulp's Tommy Hancock.

Meteor House is also running a Book Bonanza for authors:

"If you are an author coming to FarmerCon VI, here is your chance to tell the rest of us which books of yours you have available. Then fellow attendees may request that you bring copies of certain books for them to purchase directly from you."

Follow The Official Philip Jose Farmer Home Page, Meteor House,, and this site for more details.

We’re looking forward to seeing everyone there!

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Robert E. "Robyn" Wronski, Jr. said...

Sigh. Someday I'll have the money to go to all these conventions.

They need to start having conventions in Springfield Ma.